April 2022
We are honored to receive an appreciation letter from Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee for our charity work with DVS, Malaysia.


Great news from the International CFA Show on October 21, 2023, at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan! Our kitten participated impressively, entering 4 out of the 6 judging rings.
A heartfelt thanks to judges Amanda Cheng, Chloe Chung, Allan Raymond, Toshihiko Tsuchiya, Mihoko Tsuchiya, and Wakake Nagayama for their expertise and fair judgment.
As a cattery based in Malaysia, we specialize in breeding top-quality kittens and are proud to offer them to cat lovers worldwide. Our participation in international shows like this underscores our commitment to excellence in breeding


Exciting update from the Meowesome FFF International Cat Show Vol.5, held on October 7th and 8th at KSL Esplanade Mall, Klang! Our Abyssinian and European Burmese kittens showed off their charm and grace at the event.

A big thanks to judges Raparporn Satirasilpin, Aep Sapudiah, Dr. Saraa Umar, Dr. Gan Yee Haw, Azhar Mohamad, and Hairri Mohamad for their expertise. Also, we’re grateful to all the sponsors for their support.

As a Kuala Lumpur-based cattery specializing in Abyssinian and European Burmese breeds, we're proud of our kittens' performance. We currently have adorable kittens available for cat lovers!


Great news from the MeoweSome FFF International Cat Show Vol. 4 at Cheras Leisuremall on September 9th and 10th! Our Abyssinian kitten, Madonna, was a star, excelling in all six judging rings and ranking as the 3rd highest scoring kitten.

A big thank you to judges Ikhsan Maulana, Frankie Chan, Vera Chan, John Chin, Donny Chong, and Aep Saepudiah for recognizing Madonna's qualities. Also, thanks to the sponsors for supporting this event.

As Abyssinian breeders in Malaysia, we're thrilled by Madonna's performance and grateful for this recognition.


19th of August 2023, we attended the Meowbulous Merdeka CFA Cat show held at Atria Shopping Gallery.

The judges were Allan Raymond, Toshihiko Tsuchiya, Amanda Cheng, Jennifer Reding, Russell Webb, and Michael Hans Schlesinger.

During the event, our lovely Abyssinian girl entered three final rings out of a total of six.

We thank all judges for the results and the sponsors for their support of making the show.


Great news from the CFA International Megamall Nilai Show on August 5th! As Abyssinian breeders, we're excited to share our cats' achievements at this prestigious event held in Nilai. Our stars, Marnad Madonna and Marnad Black Americano, truly stood out. Madonna made us proud by entering all six final judging rings, and Black Americano showcased his charm in three.

We extend our gratitude to the expert judges - Edward Maeda, Nick Pun, Allan Raymond, Chloe Chung, Amir Sariff, and Benny Yong - for recognizing our cats' qualities. A special thanks to the show sponsors for their support.

From our base in Kuala Lumpur and extending to Selangor, we're committed to raising the standard for Abyssinian breeding in Malaysia. Events like these are a testament to our passion and dedication


Reflecting on a memorable moment for our Abyssinian and European Burmese cats at the International CFA Cat Show, Meow Fiesta 2023, in Kuala Lumpur! This past July 8th, at the 3 Damansara venue, our graceful Abyssinian, Boosya, and our charming European Burmese, Richard, captivated audiences with their beauty and poise.
We are deeply grateful to the International CFA judges - Pam Delabar, Amanda Cheng, Russell Webb, Toshihiko Tsuchiya, Mihoko Tsuchiya, and Allan Raymond - whose expertise added prestige to this event. Their judgments and insights were invaluable, and we cherish their contributions.
Our heartfelt thanks go to all the sponsors whose support was crucial in making this event a grand success. As breeders of both Abyssinian and European Burmese cats in Malaysia, we were thrilled to showcase the elegance and charm of these breeds.


9-10th of April, 2022 we took part in WCF International Show, which was held in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur KLCC Conventional Center.

It was an unforgettable experience ! We brought Kiara for the adult championship and Boosya in the junior category. Both girls were nominated for best in show by 3 judges.

We had collected 14 rosettes in total. Kiara received the best 7th short hair female award twice. While Boosya collected 3rd and 4th best short hair junior, as well, as BIS junior opposite sex award.

On top of that, Kiara was the highest WCF online points cat.


16 th of July, 2022 we participate in CFA International Cat Show at Nilai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our male Leo has received 7th best Championship from judge Amir and Boosya has collected 2nd and 7th place best championship from judge FuiYap !


30th of July, 2022 we took part at the Sookies CFA international show at Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan, Malaysia. It was an amazing show. We won a total of 9 Rosettes. Our incredible Jenny has won 3rd place short hair championship at ring 3 with judge Allan Raymond, Best Championship short hair, Best championship all breed, Best cat all breed at ring 4 with incredible Chris Merrit, following with that, Jenny has received 3rd Best championship all breed, 6th best cat all breed, and Best championship shorthair at ring 6 with judge Barbara La Rocca. Last but not least, Jenny has received 3rd best Championship short hair, 9th best cat all breed at ring 6 from judge Nadezhda Rumyantseva. It was a unforgettable experience !

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