In this article, we will explore the captivating array of Abyssinian cat colors and provide insight into their unique characteristics.

  • The most common and widely recognised Abyssinian cat color is the Ruddy. These cats display warm reddish-brown coats with ticking patterns that give them a wild and exotic appearance. The ticking is made up of alternating dark and light bands of color on each hair strand, creating a striking, agouti-like effect.
Sorrel (Cinnamon)
  • Sorrel Abyssinians are a lighter variation of the Ruddy color. Their coat exhibits a beautiful reddish hue, which is slightly lighter than the Ruddy Abyssinians. The ticking pattern remains the same, accentuating their graceful and athletic build.
  • Blue Abyssinians have a cool, silvery-blue coat with the same ticking pattern seen in the Ruddy Abyssinians. This color variation exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, making them a favourite among cat lovers.
  • Fawn Abyssinians boast a softer and lighter appearance, with a warm beige coat color. This delightful hue makes them stand out in any setting. Their ticking pattern is still evident, giving them a charming, unique look.
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Abyssinian Cat Colors: A Spectrum of Beauty

At Marnad, we adore our Abyssinian cats, also known as 'Abys'. They're not just pretty; they are wonderful friends, much like dogs in their behavior. See more in our Gallery. Our Abyssinian cats always love to have fun. They enjoy playing and exploring everything they can find. They are ideal for anyone who wants a pet that's always up to something exciting. What makes them so lovable is how friendly they are. They like being with people, following you around, and being part of your day, just like a loyal dog. They love cuddles and being close to their human friends. Abyssinians are smart, too. They can learn tricks and listen to what you say. This makes them not only fun but also great members of the family. Marnad's Abyssinian cats are more than just good-looking. They are smart, friendly, and playful, and they really care about their human families, just like dogs. If you want a cat that's always there to play and spend time with you, the Abyssinian cat from Marnad Cattery is the perfect choice. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.
Abyssinian Cats: Charming and Loyal Like Dogs
Welcome to our Marnad blog, where we share expert advice on caring for Abyssinian cats. Today, we're highlighting two essential care aspects for 'Abys': ensuring their safety with indoor living and maintaining their activity at all ages.
In the bustling environments of Malaysia, it's crucial to keep your Abyssinian cat indoors or in a secure enclosure. This protects them from external dangers like traffic, potential predators, and viruses.
For those concerned about their Abyssinian missing the outdoors, a cat enclosure provides a perfect solution. It allows your pet to experience the Malaysian outdoors safely.
Abyssinians are known for their playful nature. To keep them engaged, regular play is essential, even as they age and their energy levels change.
As Abyssinians mature, their playfulness remains, though their energy may wane. Adjusting their playtime to suit their age ensures they stay active and happy.

Top Tips for an Active Aby
  • Interactive Toys: Keep your Aby entertained with toys that stimulate their hunting instincts.
  • Daily Playtime: Regular play keeps your Abyssinian cat agile and deepens your bond.
  • A Stimulating Environment: We recommend the online store ComfyPet (comfypet.shop) for their handmade luxury cat trees. These are perfect for encouraging climbing and exploration, providing your Aby with a safe and luxurious space to play and relax.
Explore more about Abyssinian cat care by visiting our website or feel free to contact us for personalised advice. We're here to help you and your furry family member thrive!

Indoor Safety and Active Lifestyle

Bringing an Abyssinian cat, or 'Aby', home is a joyous occasion. To make their first day memorable and comfortable, it’s essential to prepare properly. This brief guide will help ensure a smooth transition for your new feline friend. Firstly, create a welcoming space for your Aby. A quiet corner with a comfy bed, fresh water, and a litter box will give them a sense of security. This personal area allows them to adjust at their own pace. Introduce yourself and other family members calmly and quietly. Let your Aby approach you on their terms, as forcing interaction can be overwhelming for them. Keep the environment peaceful. Loud noises and sudden movements can be startling, so it’s important to maintain a calm atmosphere. Encourage gentle play but don’t force it. Leave some toys around and let your Aby explore their new home, discovering different spaces when they feel ready. Your Aby’s first day at home sets the tone for your future together. With these simple steps, you can make their transition into your family a loving and stress-free experience. For more tips on Abyssinian cat care, visit our website.

Your Abyssinian Cat's First Day Home

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